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Why Some People Believe in the Paranormal

No matter who you are, there’s a big chance that you’re quite interested in the Paranormal: in unexplained phenomena, in ghosts, and the like. This makes some people wonder—why exactly do some people believe in the Paranormal? What do they get from it?

Well, here are a number of reasons why…

1.The belief that there’s “something” out there makes them feel less alone

There are some people who feel like they do not belong in this world; who feel like the world is cruel, and that so many people do not understand them. This is why seeing articles that tell them to click a certain URL about supposed Alien DNA findings, the truth about Roswell, or the ghost of a certain actress who’s supposedly haunting the Roosevelt Hotel makes them feel as if maybe, they are not “alone”; that maybe, in another life, they’d find those who can really understand them—and that non-believers are losing a chunk of their life because their mind is so closed off to these things.

2.The belief that there are certain unexplainable deaths, or abductions, or missing person cases are actually caused by other “beings”

Have you ever seen the Elisa Lam video? It’s this video of a 20-something woman inside the elevators of the Cecil Hotel who’s talking to unseen beings—the last video seen of hers before her shocking death. 2 weeks later, authorities found her body inside one of those large water tanks above the hotel—after guests complained of murky water! The weirdest thing is, during this time, a tuberculosis test was conducted near the area and it was named Lam-Elisa. Weird coincidence, huh?

It is said that Lam was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder—but that didn’t stop people from speculating that ghosts—or maybe even aliens—had something to do with her death. This is because when something is so unbelievable, people think that they couldn’t be done by whoever’s on earth—and that’s why they make these conclusions, so that these unbelievable things could finally be explained.

3.It makes them feel closer to lost loved ones

When people close to you die, sometimes, it takes you a while to grieve—and more often than not, you tend to wish that you could still talk to them—or be with them, even for one last time. So, when you see certain sites that say by going to a certain URL, you’d see videos of live people reuniting with dead loved ones, it sort of gives you a spark of hope—because people want to believe that forever exists, and that there’s a way to talk to the people you have lost.

4.The idea of “unfinished business”

paranormalAnother reason why some people believe in the paranormal is because there are times when people die because of accidents—or have died untimely deaths—that it really makes you wonder whether they’ve accepted their fate or not, or if there are certain things they still want to do—so their spirit lingers here on earth.

5.Because the Universe is so big

And finally, one of the possible reasons why people believe in the paranormal is because the universe is just so big—so big that it seems impossible that earthlings are the only ones here. What about the other planets? Space? Somehow, it makes you curious—and even more appreciative—about the world more.

So many people believe in the paranormal—and it’s neither good nor bad. For what it’s worth, the paranormal gives you a lot of things to talk about, and because of that, you tend to learn more about the world that you’re living in.

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