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Terms of Service

Any questions or suggestions regarding the terms of , feel free to contact the blog administrators.


The terms and conditions stated are what govern the use of anyone who uses the blog. Any objection in the terms and conditions stated, then the use of this website must be ceased.

The continuance of the use of the blog is an implied declaration that you agree to the terms and conditions stated by the blog.

License to Use the Website

Unless otherwise stated, the use of and the licensors own any media that is published in the website. All the intellectual property rights are reserved by the administrators.

You must not:

  • Sell or rent material found in this website.
  • Reproduce, duplicate, copy any material on the website for economic purpose.
  • Edit or modify anything on the website.
  • Use any material without the written consent of the blog administrators.
  • Republish materials found on the website through screen captures.
  • Only the materials approved for redistribution may be redistributed to any site or public material provided that there is the citation. The link must be enclosed.

Acceptable Use of the Website

The website may be used on any way except for committing fraudulent acts, illegal acts, harmful acts or any activity that may violate the law, morals, public policy or public order.

The blog must not be used to host, transmit or publish any material that contains spyware, computer viruses, and other malicious software that may cause problems to the public.

Automated data collection activities that are not related in any way to the blog cannot be conducted without the consent of the blog administrator. This includes:

  • Data Mining
  • Data Extraction
  • Data harvesting
  • Scraping

The use of website for any commercial purposes and marketing purposes without the consent of the blog administrators is not allowed.

Restricted Access

The blog administrators reserve the right to restrict access in certain parts of the blog. However, the administrators may modify this policy. If an Identification and Password is required by the blog, you must be solely responsible for the confidentiality of your own account. The administrator may either suspend or disable your account without notice.

Limitations of Liability

The administrators of the blog will not be held liable to any damages or loss experienced will using the blog. The law or quasi-delicts are rendered ineffective since the blog has waived the right that it would not be held liable for any damage.
The blog is free for use by any person. It is provided free of charge. Any loss of capital due to the negligence of the reader does not make the admin liable in anyway.

The limitations of liability are applicable even if the website has warned about future loss.


The website will only be held liable if:

  • Death or personal injury is DIRECTLY caused by the blog administrator of
  • Fraud or Misinterpretation is made DIRECTLY by the admins of the
  • Illegal or Unlawful activity made DIRECTLY by the admins of the

Other Parties

Actions of third parties do not bind the blog administrators of any liability that may arise during the use of the blog. However, if the current employees are involved in any dilemma, the blog is not to be held responsible but the employee directly involved. You agree that you will bring up any personal claim against the blog itself but only to the employee directly involved.

Breach of Terms and Conditions

Any breach done in the Terms and Conditions may result to action to be taken up by the blog administrators. They may take any action deemed appropriate to deal with the breach. The following actions may be taken by the administrators:

  • Suspension of access to
  • Bring court proceedings
  • Blocking any IP Address related to you.


The blog administrators may revise the Terms and Conditions in any given time without obtaining public or private consent.