Community aims to encourage everyone to open their minds to the existence of the paranormal. Our server is accessible to all netizens worldwide, and the contents of our website is a diverse combination of information gathered by our investigators from across the globe. We cite informative backgrounds on the origin of the paranormal myths and legends, as well as update our readers on reports and accounts of actual paranormal encounters.

Investigations: Many of the paranormal accounts we share here at are from personal and legitimate encounters by our team during their on-going investigations. Aside from the lead team who maintains this website, we also monitor paranormal investigations across the globe alongside our sub teams and international affiliates. Through this link system, we are able to deliver up-to-date reports and genuine proof on an array of paranormal phenomena here on our website, for our subscribers’ and visitors’ convenience.

Partners: is always seeking new partnership with individuals and organizations who share the same curiosity for discovering and exposing paranormal phenomenons. Currently, we are in partnership with different local and international ghost-hunting groups, psychic organizations, and managers of haunted heritage sites and other commercial and tourist establishments.

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Help us spread the curiosity for everything paranormal by signing up as one of our web content contributors. Kindly refer to the list below for the kind of contents we are looking for before you send us your personal information and your contributions:

Accepted content:

1. Local and international events: Notices and invites on events with paranormal themes such as community ghost-hunting, commercial tours, and international conventions are welcome. However, in order for the event to be posted at our website, the contributor must provide the following details in his e-mail: Date of the event, exact address of the venue, nearby landmarks of the venue, attire, entrance fee (if any), and complete contact details of the event’s official contact person.

2. Ghost-sightings: Accounts of ghost-sightings must be reported with the following details: Date, time, location, and witnesses (if any). For purely text-based content, clarity of ideas and good grammar is a must. However, videos and photograph-attachments are better appreciated. Please note that no part of the videos or photographs should be manipulated in any manner by the contributor. Any manipulated or altered visual proof will be scrapped by our web administrators.

3. Paranormal hot spots: If you’d like to report about places that are rumored to be haunted, please send us a photograph of the actual place. Don’t forget to include a brief summary on the kind of paranormal presence said to be haunting it, and if there are personalities– such as land owners or establishment managers, who we can talk to regarding the matter.

If you want to become a more hands-on contributor to our community, you may also join our team of professional investigators. Below are the qualifications we are looking for in every applicant interested to be part of our investigative team:

1. The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
2. He must be open-minded, daring, and passionate about discovering different kinds of paranormal phenomena.
3. He must have basic knowledge on paranormal myths and legends.
4. He must be willing to do ghost-hunting work and other related paranormal investigations on an on-call basis.
5. Clairvoyant abilities, and knowledge in photo-analysis and in handling digital equipment are not required, but the following skills and abilities will earn the applicant an advantage of getting recruited into the team faster.

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