Month: April 2016

An Overview of Golf Expenses

Golf is an expensive sport that demands dedication. Golf is not suited for the common masses. The first rush of expenses starts with the attire. Golf polo shirts cost as much as US$60 for women’s and US$ 79 for men’s. Golf shoes have a special traction at the soles and cost around US$60 up to US$150 a pair. Then you have to buy a golf bag, golf club and golf putters and golf club and golf putter covers.

Plus, of course, you have to pay for playing in a country golf club, which can vary as public, daily-fee, municipal and top-of-the-line private golf courses, in which you have to shell out from US$10 to US$25 (9-hole courses in small towns and 18-hole courses in public and municipal golf clubs) up to hundreds of dollars in private courses. This will give you an option to either walk or rent a golf cart, which would incur additional fees.


Golfers should not dress sloppily in the golf course. Country clubs won’t even grant entry to people who fail to adopt the proper dress scheme. Luckily there are shops that offer brand new golf shirts, skirts, pants and shoes at a discounted and reasonable price. Even the indispensable golf club is available with affordable kinds. Discount golf clubs are essentially the same as expensive clubs. More and more people are considering looking for discount golf clubs because they work for novices and professionals alike. Discount golf clubs perform as well as expensive clubs.


Golf is not a new ball sport. Its origins can be traced back to Scotland where men have been playing it since the 15th century and 14th century in China under the Ming Dynasty. As a consequence, golf clubs have been around as early as golf itself. Early golf clubs were carved from hard, tough wood by the golfers themselves.

Pretty soon, the task of making the best golf clubs was turned over to skilled wood crafters. It has been noted that King James the VI of Scotland had a bow-maker to carve his own set of golf clubs. Just like today, golf clubs were varied depending on the range of shot. People used long noses for driving, fairway clubs for midrange shots, spoon for short range shots and nib licks for putting.

An early golf club is made from different kinds of wood –

Holly and apple wood is commonly used to make the club and ash wood for the shaft. The two were then bound tightly be leather straps. Because carving golf clubs is meticulous, playing golf was even at that time too expensive for the common masses. Each golfer must have at least one of each kind of golf club and at that time, the expensive nib licks and long noses were prone to breakage that it is normal to break a club during a round. The constant replacement of expensive golf clubs classified golf as a sport meant for the upper classes.

Crafters attempted to make clubs more durable by strapping on more leather and implanting bone to the club head. Finally in 1750, metal was forged initially for nib licks. In the mid-1800’s, long noses became obsolete and were replaced by bulgers due to the invention of the Guttie Ball. In the 1900’s, persimmon wood replaced the previous wood choices for club making. Aluminum was a top choice for hand-forged clubs. Steel shafts were adopted in the 1930’s, although they have been around since 1890.

Today, more people are gaining interest in golf and relatively affordable equipment are gaining fame. Discount golf clubs are a recent addition to the golfing world due to the demand.

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