5 Custom T Shirt Design Tips

If you have always wanted to create your very own custom t shirt design but didn’t know where to start, we’re here to help you. Here are our top recommendations when creating or deciding upon a custom t shirt design.

  1. Purpose – This should be the foundation of your decision on any custom-printed apparel. What’s the shirt for? Are you going to use it for casual wear, or is it for a particular event or happening?

What’s the occasion? If you are planning to promote an event or group with the shirt, then what’s the central message of the group or event that you want to communicate using the design on the shirt?

  1. Images & text – Deciding upon the image or group of images that you’re going to add to the main design can be tough. You may feel the desire to go all out, adding several images at a time. Eclectic seems like a great idea, but in reality, if a shirt is too eclectic it also ends up being “too loud” for the eyes, and this might reduce the overall impact of the design.

The best practice for deciding upon the image is to first identify what you want to say (write it down if you have to) and then you can proceed to searching for an appropriate image that will help convey the message.

Next would be the text. If the shirt is going to be used for an event or occasion, text is vital to mark the shirt. You can create swell memories by wearing a date or event-specific shirt.

Since all events can be described in one or two words, make sure you add that to the design where it’s prominent, then you can add the date below the main text. It’s important that you experiment with different font styles and font sizes, so you can get that perfect balance.

Now, if you have no idea where to begin with combining images and text, you can always use pre-made templates or you can use free online design services like Canva to get a feel of how graphic design works.

Graphic design is an art that anyone can learn; of course, your final output will be affected by your tastes and personal preferences.

If you are designing the shirt for yourself then there isn’t much trouble because you are simply using your taste to guide the design, but if you are designing for a group of people, then you must have a good idea of what other people in the group would like to see in the shirt design.

  1. custom-printed-t-shirts-hdinwcz-Explore before rendering – Too often, people settle for the first version of the design and proceed to printing. If you have created your design from scratch, it would be ideal to take a break first so you can see you design with fresh eyes afterward. It’s important to take a break after designing because the work exhausts the eyes and you become less attentive afterward.

With fresh eyes, you will be able to see if the final image is good enough to make it to final print. Of course, it’s going to be slightly different when you are using pre-made art.

You can’t modify pre-made art taken from the database of a custom shirt website, but still, taking a short, short break before hitting that buy button can help you decide on the final design.

  1. Subtlety is important – Whatever emotions you are trying to evoke from people who will see your shirt will depend on the elements that you choose to put on your custom shirt.

Whether its joy, sadness, concern, or humor, the best way is to do it subtly. Why? Because when you do it subtly, the art will take the fore and people will just figure out the main message from their own cleverness.

Subtlety, in effect, ‘slows down’ the artistic effect on the viewer and in turns, makes them think. In today’s culture of hyper-fact visual stimuli, to be able to make people think, even for a just a few seconds, means the shirt design is effective.

  1. Don’t limit your creativity – A custom shirt is an artistic canvas, a live one that you can actually take with you and not look strange, so be as creative as you can.

There’s nothing wrong with experiment with different colors, images, shapes, and text. You will have the opportunity to project all those design possibilities using the design editor present in most custom shirt websites.

The software has been around for years and you’re definitely going to love tweaking, replacing, and changing your designs after your first one or two attempts at designing your own shirts. In the beginning of course, you’re going to feel a little cautious with your designs and this isn’t a bad thing either.

You can accomplish a lot with minimalistic designs, especially if you’re putting logos or phrases in shirts. Phrases and statements usually do not require a lot of embellishment, you just need to get the font type and sizing correct. Placement of the  text on the fabric is also important, as incorrect placement might dampen the effect of the design.

And finally: if you are giving the custom shirt to someone else, be sure to think of the other person’s tastes and preferences before your own. Some folks design custom shirts for themselves and automatically think that other people might find it awesome or cool.

While this does happen it’s important to remain considerate of what the recipient might actually think of the design. You wouldn’t want the recipient to think that the design is out of this world (in a bad way) especially if you say that you were the one who designed it in the first place.

Designing shirts take a bit of practice to perfect, but in time you’re going to be a real champ at it, guaranteed. Just continue exploring art and design and your next set of custom shirts will be sure head-turners.

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Motivational Speaker Success Presents Business Reflections as Tool for Better Profits

Day by day, businesses struggle to cope with the adversities and challenges that come their way. Either they are flexible enough to become adaptive of changes, or they may be operating archaic systems that drown them in the advancement of this modern era. It is important to note how well they can manage their resources to incur cost while getting high profits in return. However, what if their financial statements already show that their performance is dwindling? Year by year, their comparatives are stating that they are losing more and more.

Shouldn’t they be alarmed? Aren’t they going to do anything about it?

keynote-speech Firstly, they need to have a bird’s eye view of their current situation. They need to determine if they are more of a potential achiever or are they failing to reach their targets. If they are progressing, it’s good news for them. It’s either they have no direct competitors in their niche, or they are just steering their ships in the brighter direction. What about those having red signals. Are they just going to stare on their study? For them who suffer losses, they must analyze why they are on hot waters. There are probable causes. They must put into consideration all elements of businesses. It is crucial to conduct research to determine if their operational management is still appropriate for them.

It is good to note that money is not the only source of life of their operations. They should also consider their workforce. Employees are the backbone of a company.

Top-level management decisions are nothing if there are no middlemen or frontlines who will act on them. It is also beneficial to check the climate on their workforce. Work-life balance and harmony must be maintained. Their needs and wants shall also be addressed. No one will run the businesses if there are no staffs.

What if the management fail to deal with all these? Well, our site, www.motivational-speaker-success.com can come to the rescue. We have someone who is talented enough to give proper advice’s in the mentioned cases. He has already worked with a lot of multibillion dollar worth companies, famous leaders, financial and telecoms bosses who have heard his wonderful talks. He is Garrison Wynn, award-winning motivational speaker whose range of expertise traverses across conglomerates and proprietorship’s.

You may head to our site, motivational-speaker-success.com, for your guest speaker needs. If you are dealing with tough moments with your progress nowadays, our speaker, Garrison Wynn can help you out. His programs are worth listening to. As stated by his previous clients, who are big names of handful of industry leaders, he is a great resource speaker. Wynn is down to earth, humorous and entertaining. With a lot of powerful and inspiring stories to tell, he transforms individuals. Their lives are changed after hearing Wynn’s keynotes speeches. Also, our speakers in www.motivational-speaker-success.com don’t theorize. We research. Thus, the services we provide are topnotch, prepared creatively while being researched thoroughly.

Motivational-SpeakerGarrison’s speeches are words not to be forgotten. They can influence. Each of his talks will make you think and motivate you to go out of your comfort zone. Whatever you hear from him, you can apply immediately. He can answer your big question on how to make people do what you want when you want it to be done. He doesn’t choose his audience; he can talk to a janitor and a CEO alike. His approach is relatable because he customized them to match the listeners’ needs. His objectives not only to make companies stay, rather to have a wider reach and be the best in their area. For the employees, they will be entertained to learn how to not just be the best, but how also to be consistent so that they will always be “the One” for the job.

There are lots of subjects to be developed. Leadership is a must have especially for those who have defects due to poor management. Being a good leader is not an overnight success. In Wynn’s word, you can be the best leader to initiate the best action plan to reach your targets. There is also employee engagement and communication. Through humor, he can actively engage the audience to what he is saying. Thus, the element mostly lacking to top managers is good communication in which the message is directly understood by the receiver.

Most often, harmony cannot be established in organizations due to ineffective communication –

Generational differences cannot also be set aside. With the rising population of young entrepreneurs, the brilliance of younger generation is something to be learned by the older ones since what they know may already be obsolete in this generation we are in nowadays.

Thus, start reflecting now because the time to act is not tomorrow. Time is important because every second that pass is either a lost opportunity to develop your agonizing system that takes away your profit as you let time pass. Be effective now and reach the team that can lead the way and can boost your organization, not only to its limits but to unleash your full potential and capabilities to gain the best anyone can imagine.

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An Overview of Golf Expenses

Golf is an expensive sport that demands dedication. Golf is not suited for the common masses. The first rush of expenses starts with the attire. Golf polo shirts cost as much as US$60 for women’s and US$ 79 for men’s. Golf shoes have a special traction at the soles and cost around US$60 up to US$150 a pair. Then you have to buy a golf bag, golf club and golf putters and golf club and golf putter covers.

Plus, of course, you have to pay for playing in a country golf club, which can vary as public, daily-fee, municipal and top-of-the-line private golf courses, in which you have to shell out from US$10 to US$25 (9-hole courses in small towns and 18-hole courses in public and municipal golf clubs) up to hundreds of dollars in private courses. This will give you an option to either walk or rent a golf cart, which would incur additional fees.


Golfers should not dress sloppily in the golf course. Country clubs won’t even grant entry to people who fail to adopt the proper dress scheme. Luckily there are shops that offer brand new golf shirts, skirts, pants and shoes at a discounted and reasonable price. Even the indispensable golf club is available with affordable kinds. Discount golf clubs are essentially the same as expensive clubs. More and more people are considering looking for discount golf clubs because they work for novices and professionals alike. Discount golf clubs perform as well as expensive clubs.


Golf is not a new ball sport. Its origins can be traced back to Scotland where men have been playing it since the 15th century and 14th century in China under the Ming Dynasty. As a consequence, golf clubs have been around as early as golf itself. Early golf clubs were carved from hard, tough wood by the golfers themselves.

Pretty soon, the task of making the best golf clubs was turned over to skilled wood crafters. It has been noted that King James the VI of Scotland had a bow-maker to carve his own set of golf clubs. Just like today, golf clubs were varied depending on the range of shot. People used long noses for driving, fairway clubs for midrange shots, spoon for short range shots and nib licks for putting.

An early golf club is made from different kinds of wood –

Holly and apple wood is commonly used to make the club and ash wood for the shaft. The two were then bound tightly be leather straps. Because carving golf clubs is meticulous, playing golf was even at that time too expensive for the common masses. Each golfer must have at least one of each kind of golf club and at that time, the expensive nib licks and long noses were prone to breakage that it is normal to break a club during a round. The constant replacement of expensive golf clubs classified golf as a sport meant for the upper classes.

Crafters attempted to make clubs more durable by strapping on more leather and implanting bone to the club head. Finally in 1750, metal was forged initially for nib licks. In the mid-1800’s, long noses became obsolete and were replaced by bulgers due to the invention of the Guttie Ball. In the 1900’s, persimmon wood replaced the previous wood choices for club making. Aluminum was a top choice for hand-forged clubs. Steel shafts were adopted in the 1930’s, although they have been around since 1890.

Today, more people are gaining interest in golf and relatively affordable equipment are gaining fame. Discount golf clubs are a recent addition to the golfing world due to the demand.

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Why Some People Believe in the Paranormal

No matter who you are, there’s a big chance that you’re quite interested in the Paranormal: in unexplained phenomena, in ghosts, and the like. This makes some people wonder—why exactly do some people believe in the Paranormal? What do they get from it?

Well, here are a number of reasons why…

1.The belief that there’s “something” out there makes them feel less alone

There are some people who feel like they do not belong in this world; who feel like the world is cruel, and that so many people do not understand them. This is why seeing articles that tell them to click a certain URL about supposed Alien DNA findings, the truth about Roswell, or the ghost of a certain actress who’s supposedly haunting the Roosevelt Hotel makes them feel as if maybe, they are not “alone”; that maybe, in another life, they’d find those who can really understand them—and that non-believers are losing a chunk of their life because their mind is so closed off to these things.

2.The belief that there are certain unexplainable deaths, or abductions, or missing person cases are actually caused by other “beings”

Have you ever seen the Elisa Lam video? It’s this video of a 20-something woman inside the elevators of the Cecil Hotel who’s talking to unseen beings—the last video seen of hers before her shocking death. 2 weeks later, authorities found her body inside one of those large water tanks above the hotel—after guests complained of murky water! The weirdest thing is, during this time, a tuberculosis test was conducted near the area and it was named Lam-Elisa. Weird coincidence, huh?

It is said that Lam was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder—but that didn’t stop people from speculating that ghosts—or maybe even aliens—had something to do with her death. This is because when something is so unbelievable, people think that they couldn’t be done by whoever’s on earth—and that’s why they make these conclusions, so that these unbelievable things could finally be explained.

3.It makes them feel closer to lost loved ones

When people close to you die, sometimes, it takes you a while to grieve—and more often than not, you tend to wish that you could still talk to them—or be with them, even for one last time. So, when you see certain sites that say by going to a certain URL, you’d see videos of live people reuniting with dead loved ones, it sort of gives you a spark of hope—because people want to believe that forever exists, and that there’s a way to talk to the people you have lost.

4.The idea of “unfinished business”

paranormalAnother reason why some people believe in the paranormal is because there are times when people die because of accidents—or have died untimely deaths—that it really makes you wonder whether they’ve accepted their fate or not, or if there are certain things they still want to do—so their spirit lingers here on earth.

5.Because the Universe is so big

And finally, one of the possible reasons why people believe in the paranormal is because the universe is just so big—so big that it seems impossible that earthlings are the only ones here. What about the other planets? Space? Somehow, it makes you curious—and even more appreciative—about the world more.

So many people believe in the paranormal—and it’s neither good nor bad. For what it’s worth, the paranormal gives you a lot of things to talk about, and because of that, you tend to learn more about the world that you’re living in.

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Everything Paranormal – The Ultimate Investigative Blog

Do you believe? Millions of people believe and there is a lot of strange things going on from all over the world. You may not even see them or hear about them. If you are a fan of the paranormal, then you probably have to do a lot of digging around to get the right information about what is happening. Whether you’re new to paranormal activities, or you have been curious for some time, you are going to find that there is a lot to explore. That’s why this blog is so crucial. We take the guess work out of finding information about all things strange, and weird.

Ghosts and Beyond

Paranormal investigatioTo the dead still reside here? Are there ghosts haunting your home, or are they communicating with those around you? There’s so much to explore in regards to this issue and you could very well end up spending hours on end trying to find news and information about what’s going on underneath your own nose. Well, there are paranormal elements around many places and you will want to see what’s going on. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure that you absolutely keep coming back and see what will absolutely change how you get your news on ghosts, and beyond. From news, to explorations of haunted areas, you’ll no doubt find that the updates here will showcase amazing elements about the world around you. If the dead are communicating with someone, haunting, and more, you’ll see it updated on this site.

The Unexplained

Lights, discs, flying elements, and so much more is being reported right now. You are going to find some amazing things going on, and you’ll get a full report on these things here on this blog. Whether it’s a light in the sky or it’s an airplane that seems to have an odd shape, if it’s floating around and unexplained, then you will no doubt want to check out this paranormal blog of epic proportions. Everything there is to know about paranormal elements, including strange sightings, orbs, and more will be focused on here. Whether you want to know what’s going on, or simply report it, lots will be explored in a lot of areas.

The Future Is Unexplained Too

There’s a lot of different things that are just around the corner in the world of paranormal activities. You’re going to see them explored on this site, including predictions, and much more. Is there something going on in large cities? What about abandoned warehouses? There’s so many different things that you will no doubt have questions about, as the unexplained universe is so compelling. The future is coming faster than you may know, and in some ways, it’s already here. You’ll be surprised by the theories, and evolutionary elements that are featured in the paranormal world, and that’s what this blog is all about.

Don’t Miss Out On The Paranormal News Again

You will never miss out on the amazing things that are coming out in the world of paranormal activities ever again. If there’s a haunting, a ghost, a vision, or anything that is unexplained, you’re going to see it here on this blog. This blog explores things on a lot of different levels, so that you don’t have to explore hours and hours of internet research. You can look online for hours trying to find news, views, and opinions on the matters of the unexplained. Or you could simply keep coming back to this website and see what’s going on right under your nose. Exploring the paranormal is what we do, and you can come along and see what develops, often.

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